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Tour Girona with the help of your phone, follow the GPS routes on a walk while you listen to the stories and anecdotes hidden in its monuments.  Take advantage of the opportunity and take a break to try the local cuisine in the restaurants we recommend.

Legendary monsters, incredible assaults, fierce inquisitors, stony witches, avenging saints, hidden catacombs, enigmatic lionesses... Huge walls, Romanesque baths, historic bridges, silent viewpoints, millenary churches and even neighbourhoods stopped in time... Medieval jewelry crossed by four rivers and soaked in history, myths and legends, it is impossible for Gerona not to take something from the visitor who always leaves something behind here, the desire to enjoy it again.

Available routes in Girona


Ruta Monumental Girona

Route to visit the old town of Girona in a walk while you discover the history hidden in its monuments

What we can see in the Monumental Route of Girona

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