When we talked to Pepita on the phone, she told us that we were not the first ones interested in the subject, other people had asked her for information. But she had only agreed to meet with us because we had been recommended by Beatrix, who is a close friend of hers.

During the call we had some coverage problems and we think we lost some information, among them the place where we were meeting. We thought we understood that to find the place we should first look for that which illuminates the paths and is a torch for the steps… Does that make sense? We couldn’t ask him any more questions because the call was cut off completely.

We will have to inspect this street for answers.

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*The password must be written in all lowercase letters and without accent


Traduction help: in spanish «which illuminates the paths and is a torch for the steps» means «aquello que ilumina los caminos y es una antorcha para los pasos»

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Hint 1
What you are looking for does not have to be an object, it can also be a phrase written somewhere
Hint 2
Start your investigation at the beginning of the street, near the plaque
Hint 3
Look for a plaque with text near some stairs and trees.
We have met at the plaque at the beginning of the street that says: "La palabra" es antorcha de mis pasos, es la luz en mi sendero.("The word" is the torch of my steps, it is the light on my path.)