There is nothing we like more than a good mystery to brighten up the day. We decided to find out more about this treasure that gave «superpowers» to the aborigines. We assaulted Beatrix with a million questions, most of which were unanswerable, otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery.

But what Beatrix did tell us was how to get in touch with the writer who had written the news, who lives in the municipality. So we could ask her directly and try to solve our doubts.

Although she warned us that he lives in a neighborhood with difficult access, to get to him we must drive with the car to a nearby village, and start a route on a trail. The problem is that here in Tejeda they don’t calculate distances in kilometers, but in minutes, so Beatrix told us that it would take us 27,84 minutes to complete the route (if we were going at a speed of 5Km/hour). And that when we arrived we would be able to recharge our batteries in the restaurant.


 Unfortunately, they had run out of maps at the tourist office, but Beatrix indicated that by looking around the office we would find some help.


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*The password must be written in all lowercase letters and without accent

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    : : We went to the carrizal to see Pepita, the journalist who wrote the article, we asked for her at the restaurant and they told us that she had just come to Tejeda to do some shopping, what bad luck! we got her phone number and met her at Calle Dr. Domingo Hernández Guerra.
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Hint 1
Look around the office to see if there is any place where the different trail routes appear.
Hint 2
On one side of the office there is a sign with information about the municipality's trails. How long did Beatrix say it would take?
Hint 3
To calculate the kilometers and discover the route, make a rule of three with the calculator taking into account that you walk at 5km per hour, that is, if 5 km are covered in 60 minutes, how many would be done in 27.84 minutes?
It would take us 27.84 minutes to travel the 2.32 kilometers from El Toscón to "el carrizal"