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“The secret of the Borgia” a mystery to be solved in Valencia

Free Urban Escape Room

We believe that the most fun way to discover a city and its history is through a game, so we have created this escape room that takes place in the old town of Valencia.

To solve it, you will have to get lost in its streets, open your eyes wide so as not to miss any detail and carefully read the different tests that appear in the My Phone Tour app.

One of the challenges to be solved is located in the area of the Serrano Towers.

A secret room hidden in Valencia

La Brújula de Fawcett – the most renowned investigative agency in the country today. With more cases solved than any other known in the field, we take on unknowns that would leave even the best detective speechless.

Many recognizable names have passed through the world’s monarchies over the years, but there is one name that always rings a bell when talking about the European Renaissance era and that humanity will never forget: the Borgias, a stylized Italian version of the Borgia surname.

Victims of one of the most impressive social and political growths of their time, this family began as less than well known in the small nobility of the Kingdom of Valencia and managed to make a place for themselves in high society with methods that many would have considered less than favorable. Accompanied by circumstances that made their rise and their abilities more favorable, they were able to install themselves in the epicenter of Roman power, which meant being side by side with the Christian world; thanks to this, the family produced two popes (Calixtus III and Alexander VI), a dozen cardinals among other emblematic characters of the time.

Pinturicchio’s fresco “The Disputation of St. Catherine”.

But everything that rises quickly also tends to have a sharp fall: the moves that the Borgia family used to rise to the pinnacle of power were also those that ensured its destruction, since everything they had gained over the years hung by the thread that was the permanence in power of Alexander VI. With his death in 1503, the Papal States along with the vast network of counties, principalities and territories that the family had achieved were immediately collapsed. The only son who succeeded him, Cesare, had his fate sealed, and with his death in 1507 the Borgia era was finally buried.

According to an old urban legend, before his death, Alexander VI sent Cesare Borgia back to Valencia on a secret trip accompanied by some Vatican treasures, to hide them in a secret room.

How does it work?

The game is totally free, there are no schedules or reservations. You just need to download the My Phone Tour app (for Android or IOS), select the route and start the game!

You can do the escape room as many people as you want, although our recommendation is that between 2 and 6 people participate in the same group. If there are more of you, it would be a good idea to split into two groups and compete to see which group finishes first.

one of them contains a test that you must decipher, but they are not ordered. To start you must read the introduction and instructions, then you will discover which is the first area to visit. In each area there is a text with the test and a section where you can solve the test of that area. If the answer is correct you will be able to advance and it will indicate you the next zone, and so on until the end…

Game Screenshot

The approximate duration of the game is 1 hour and a half, it is the perfect way to spend a different afternoon with friends and at the same time get to know Valencia a little bit. It is aimed at both tourists who are passing through the city and people from Valencia or the surrounding area, as you always learn something new.

Download the app and help us find El secreto de los Borgia!