We went around the famous Miguelito of the cathedral, and in front of the main façade we began to read the scroll written by Pope Alexander VI, formerly known as Rodrigo de Borgia. In it, he recounted the agreement he had made with the Catholic Monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand, prior to the Alexandrian bulls of 1493 after the discovery of America in which he granted Spain the right to conquer and evangelize the new world. This agreement, apart from granting favors to their children such as the duchy of Gandía, recognized a tax on goods arriving in Valencia that had to be paid at the Serranos towers or else the merchant could not enter the city.

All this money did not go to the Vatican, where the astute pope was already surrounded by great wealth; Alejando, worried about the future of his family, decided to hide it in Valencia. In this way he could avoid arousing suspicion in Italy, since his environment and his life were highly criticized by Italian society. From time to time, Alexander would send his son Caesar to collect the money from the tower, and he would hide it in a secret room in the middle of the night. Where was this room located? It had to be in a place that the pope knew very well and where he had a large number of faithful allies who had accompanied him since his time as archbishop of Valencia: in the cathedral itself.

But the room was to be in a discreet and little-traveled place in the cathedral, specifically so that Caesar could enter and leave without being seen with all the proceeds. The letter also speaks of a woman keeping watch near the window of the room; sure enough, like all the women who had brought the pope his bad reputation in Italy, this woman is half-naked.

Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so. If we find this woman, we will find the door through which we will reach the room.

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*The key must be written in Spanish, all lowercase and without accent.

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    We entered through the puerta del Palau and on the right there was a strange wall, pulling a hidden lever it opened and there was the room we have been looking for, The secret of the Borgia. You have solved the case, congratulations! We hope you had a good time and we encourage you to do the rest of the routes and games in the different cities. We would also appreciate it if you could share your opinion with us by filling out the form below.
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Hint 1
Look for a woman protruding from the side facade of the cathedral.
Hint 2
The woman is near one of the cathedral doors.
Hint 3
take a look at the doors on the right side of the cathedral
In the "puerta del palau" we find the statue of the half-naked woman that marks the secret room of the Borgias.

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