When we arrived at the square, we received a message from Paquito, the forger, who had had to flee because the police were on his heels. As he is a man of his word, he had hidden the accreditations in a place in this square.

He told us that they are held by a woman, who in spite of her appearance is very strong and carries a great weight. Although she is very strong, she is a bit cool and holds everything only with her right shoulder. Paquito told us that, under this woman, we will find what we are looking for. What is the name of this supposed woman?

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    Behind the statuette of the irrigation ditch of the Turia - Tormos - we find our accreditations to enter the cathedral. Let's go to the entrance to take a close look at the document we found in the Serranos towers.
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Hint 1
We are looking for a woman, but the name does not have to be a woman.
Hint 2
Looking for a woman to hold something heavy
Hint 3
approach the fountain and look for the one holding the weight with the right shoulder
If we look at the Turia fountain, one of the statues of women that surround it, bears the name of "tormos".