We met Manuel in front of the towers and he told us about his findings. As we thought, the book reflected the goods brought from America that were traded in Valencia. In the middle of the book, he found a letter to a merchant, signed by César B., in which the author demanded the payment of a certain toll to be able to sell the merchandise in the city. He “invited” him to pass through the Serranos towers to proceed with the payment, putting him under threat of death if he did not do so.

The letter also spoke of a room inside the tower where such payments were made; perhaps, the Borgia’s secret room was located here and we have solved the mystery that for so many years has maintained its validity.

Entering the towers was not going to be so easy: we tried to sneak in, but the guard stopped us. To continue we needed the password, but what would it be? The only thing the guard told us was that if we didn’t know the password, we were going to go back to the Middle Ages in the same way that people stayed outside the towers after curfew. At those times, they couldn’t get in and had to sleep outside.

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*The key must be written in English, all lowercase and without accent.

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    Contrary to what the guard thought, we guessed the password faster than expected and did not stay in the moon of Valencia. However, our joy was short-lived when after inspecting the towers from top to bottom we found no trace of the room. In our investigation, in one of them we found a stone with a familiar mark, which we recognized as the Borgia coat of arms. We carefully removed it and behind it was a scroll that spoke of the cathedral, and we thought that perhaps the long-awaited secret room was there. But as it would not be so easy to snoop around the cathedral without arousing suspicion, we arranged to meet Paquito, a forger, in the Plaza de la Virgen to get some accreditations as a guide to the cathedral.
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Hint 1
What we are looking for is a well-known phrase
Hint 2
Try taking a look at the description of the monumental route
Hint 3
What did the merchants who stayed outside the gates at night say?
Those merchants stayed at the "moon of valencia".