Moments after arriving at the university, we received a message from Manuel: it turns out that he had an art history class related to neo-Byzantine art, and just that day they had gone to visit one of the jewels of this style that can be seen in Valencia. 

We could not talk more because the class was starting, but he told us that the room where the presentation would take place was not far from here, and that he was waiting for us in that place that was so imposing both in name and appearance. Is something so important around here? What could it be?

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    Manuel was in the spectacular room - Alfonso the magnanimous - inside the charity building. We left him the book Diego gave us to study and let us know when he found something of interest, and the next day we received a message. Got it! It seems to be bigger than we imagined. Let's meet at the Serranos towers and I'll tell you about it.
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Hint 1
Search for information on the monumental route of Valencia
Hint 2
Read the point about the university and charity.
It is a room inside the Beneficencia building
The "alfonso the magnanimous" room is a neo-Byzantine jewel hidden in the charity building.