We called Diego to meet him, and he told us that he preferred the meeting to take place in the middle of the night to avoid being seen; the whole operation was shrouded in secrecy since what he was doing was not entirely legal, so we understood his discretion.

He also did not want to give us the address of his house, but of a place close to it. He told us that he would wait for us next to his neighbor Vicente, although nobody calls him that because he has another nickname that people know better. He must be very popular in the place because he says that he is all day long with his chair in the street, while he watches how people walk.

Who is this neighbor?

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*The key must be written entirely in Spanish, in lower case and without accents.

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    Next to the statue of Vicente Domenech, nicknamed -El Palleter-, we met Diego, who gave us an old book full of dust. Its pages were full of beads in the same style as the ones in the document Manuel gave us. Perhaps he can help us discover the relationship with the Borgia; tomorrow, Manuel has class and we have arranged to meet outside the Catholic university.
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Hint 1
Vicente does not move all day because he is a statue.
Hint 2
You don't have to be sitting in the chair
Hint 3
It is to the left of the towers
To the left of the towers we can see the statue of Vicente Domenech "el palleter", leaning on a chair.