Manuel left the USB with the relevant files in his parents’ business, which is located in this market. It is a fishmonger’s shop, one of the best known, according to him. To help them pay for his studies, he works in the afternoons. Therefore, we arranged to meet him there so that he could give us the memory with the famous document.

After our meeting, Manuel left very quickly, almost without saying goodbye and without telling us the name of the place that was our destination. The only thing he said was that it was named after the most famous fish in the market, the only one that resists winds and tides, even though it has never touched the water.

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The answer lies outside the market
Hint 2
How can it be a fish that has never touched water? Maybe it is not a real fish
Hint 3
Look at one of the domes of the market or read the market point in the monumental route of Valencia.
In the dome of the market we can see the weathervane of the "swordfish" which is the name of Manuel's fishmonger's shop.