Arriving in Valencia by train, as I was leaving the North station on my way to the town hall, I received a call from a hidden number. When I answered, a whispering voice told me that his name was Manuel and that he knew I had already arrived at the station. How did he know who it was? Who was it? He wouldn’t tell me exactly who he was or how he got our number, and only gave me more clues about our meeting:

Our meeting will take place on a bench, the same color as the bull on the Borgia shield. It is a discreet place to avoid voyeurs and where the noise, although relaxing, hides the conversations from indiscreet eavesdroppers, sheltered behind the shadow of the protector of the Valencian fueros. The name of this protector will be the key to give you so desired information.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    We meet behind the statue of Francesc de Vinatea with Manuel, who turns out to be a history student at the Catholic University of Valencia. During one of his jobs, by chance, he discovered a writing that mentions a large amount of money in the city of Valencia and the Borja house, as it was originally called. To get the document, we must approach the central market.
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Hint 1
The bench is red
Hint 2
The meeting place is near a fountain
Hint 3
Look for the statue of a man on the small island with the fountain near the town hall square.
The meeting takes place behind the statue of "francesc de vinatea".