The way the game works is very simple, on the map there are 9 zones marked and each of them contains a challenge that you must solve, but they are out of order, so they all have the number 1.

To solve the challenges and find the areas you only need the information available in the app and information on the street: monuments, inscriptions, statues… The keys can be numbers or texts, they must be without accents or capital letters.

We hope you enjoy it.

Let’s start:

La Br̼jula de Fawcett РInvestigation Agency

Many recognizable names have passed through the world’s monarchies over the years, but there is one name that always rings a bell when talking about the European Renaissance era and that humanity will never forget: the Borgias, a stylized Italian version of the Borgia surname.

There is no denying that what is known about this family has a veil of crime and corruption, a clear example being that when Alexander VI became Pope, he was involved in several international political situations which made his image to consolidate. There was no occasion that the man did not take advantage of to increase the influence and power of his family and himself through alliances and conspiracies, having with him his four sons whom he used as instruments in his political machinations.

According to an old urban legend, before his death, Alexander VI sent Cesare Borgia back to Valencia on a secret trip accompanied by some Vatican treasures, to hide them in a secret room.

Today, and after arduous searches, this story seems to be nothing more than a myth born of the popular inventiveness of the time. Since many people searched for that room in every corner of Valencia and did not find it, the efforts eventually died down until the credibility of the story was almost null…

Or so we thought. As we walked into the office of our investigative agency “Fawcett’s Compass” this morning, to our surprise, there was an envelope on the table; it had no return address, and inside it was a short letter:

I have information that might interest you about the Borgia secret. I need your presence in Valencia urgently. I will give you more information tomorrow at 12:00 noon in the town hall square.