In his confession the thief said that the merchandise was still in Tarragona, somewhere near this tower. It was a big step towards the end of this adventure, but we did not get him to say exactly which is the object stolen from the capital’s museums. We only know that, in order to hide it, he got rid of a replica and put the original in its place.

Perhaps this brochure of the Capitoline Museums will help us to discover what the merchandise is in order to find it.

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*The key must be written in Spanish, all lowercase and without accent.

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    Congratulations, you've found the lost work of art: It was the Capitoline She-wolf! We hope you enjoyed the game and we encourage you to play the rest of the games in the app and leave your comments and ideas in the form below.
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Hint 1
Have a look at the brochure of the Capitoline Museums
Hint 2
One of these statues is near the tower of the Praetorium.
Hint 3
Visit the back of the tower of the Praetorium, in plaza del Rei.
From the back of the Praetorium tower, you can see the statue of the "loba capitolina" which is the work stolen by the thief.

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