We know that the thief escaped early yesterday morning from the shore in a boat, but we don’t know where he went. Talking to nearby innkeepers, they told us that a man came to ask several times for change in coins. Some mentioned that the stranger couldn’t stop staring into infinity, like someone looking for a paradise where he could retreat to.

Where could he have escaped to?

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    We rushed to alert the Mallorca police, who managed to locate the boat and catch the thief before he reached his destination. He did not seem remorseful at all. He confessed that, being such a quick and unexpected escape, he was unable to take the merchandise with him; on interrogation, he confessed that it was still hidden somewhere in the Praetorian tower.
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Hint 1
What would I need the coins for?
Hint 2
The thief looked through the telescopes towards his destination.
Hint 3
The route map may be useful to see the destination of the getaway.
The thief was looking towards "mallorca" where he wanted to escape.