We decided to come to the amphitheater to stop the buyer by pretending to be Romulus, so that we could stop the thief when he arrived. The appraiser told us that they had arranged to meet at 6 a.m.; he told us that the buyer is a fan of Roman times, and that in his house he even worships the Roman gods.

He told the thief in a letter that this transaction was the last one between them, with which he hoped that his name would be remembered forever, as if he were immortal. Next to the letter was a beautiful leaf still green; would it have something to do with the password of the exchange?

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    We managed to stop the buyer, but the thief is very clever and knew we were behind him so he fled before reaching the meeting point. It seems that he left from the coast, and we suspect that on the balcony of the Mediterranean we will find his whereabouts.
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Hint 1
The answer we are looking for is in the plants
Hint 2
Information is available in the gardens near the amphitheater.
Hint 3
Which leaf represents immortality?
In the amphitheater gardens we can see that the "acanto" leaves represent immortality.