After listening to the recording, our specialist has told us that the thief tells us the reason for his visit to Tarragona and that he talks about another meeting near this place. Due to the wind the quality of the audio is not the best, but it will help us to discover his intentions and above all the place of this meeting.

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    We managed to get ahead of the thief and talked to the appraiser, who told us that the most important theft happened in the Capitoline museums in Rome. He also said that the merchandise Romulus took was priceless and did not go unnoticed, so he has it hidden in a place that does not arouse suspicion. He already has a buyer, and has met him at the amphitheater.
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Hint 1
The painter's studio does not necessarily have to be in the Font Square, but in the surrounding area.
Hint 2
Pay attention to the audio, and to the indications of the painter's building.
Hints 3
the neighbors in the description of the studio are painted on a wall.
In the Plaça dels Sedassos is the mural of the painter "arola".