When we arrive at the place, we receive a mail that tells us that our thief has met a famous art dealer nearby, taking advantage of a concert to be held by the Rome Symphony Orchestra. As the program is very tight, the meeting will have to take place in a nearby place related to music, and the mystery of where it will take place is growing by the minute.

Fortunately, we have obtained the concert brochure which may give us a clue as to the location of the meeting.

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    Knowing Romulo's love of art, we placed a microphone near the Wagner statue and managed to record the conversation. We arranged to meet our sound specialist at the Plaça de la Font to pick up the audio.
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Hin 1
Take a look at the brochure, its songs and composers
Hint 2
The meeting will be held near the auditorium.
Hint 3
Find a statue of a composer from the program.
The meeting will be held near the statue of "wegner".