Upon arriving at the church we asked for the security manager, but our run of bad luck seemed to continue when we discovered that he was not there. We gained access to his computer, however, by explaining the situation to the parish priest who attended to us.

The problem? We needed to have a password. The pastor didn’t know anything, but he told us a little about the manager: he is an animal lover and goes out a lot to smoke in this facade. He commented that he likes to go out especially at night, but he couldn’t tell us much more. What could the password be?

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*The key must be written in english, all in lower case and without accent.

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    After solving the riddle by looking at the bat on the facade, we manage to download the videos from the surveillance cameras onto a hard drive to try to identify the thief. Another call from our contact tells us to go to the Roman Empire road, where we will find more information on our sospechoso.
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Hint 1
Take a good look at the facade
Hint 2
Are there any animals on the facade?
Hint 3
What nocturnal animal can be seen?
The password is "bat" which can be seen on the façade.