Being allowed to gossip in the cloister was not going to be as easy as in the conservatory, so we had to find the right person to give us information. There are several guides who conduct the tours, but only one can help us. Besides, they have rather strange names: there is Paul, Augurius and Eulogius.

None of them is the person we are looking for, but we know that the one we are missing is to the left of Paul and between the other two. Do they mean at lunchtime?

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    We managed to talk to Fructuoso, although among the guides they are called in Latin, and he told us that he could help us to see the security cameras of the cloister in the last days. He told us that we should go to the church of Sant Pau, where the surveillance room is located, and talk to the security manager..
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Hint 1
Search the area around the cloister entrance.
Hint 2
We need to know the name of the guide, for this we must find the names of the other 3 guides.
Hint 3
Stand at the statue of St. Paul to the left of the cloister.
In the mural to the left of the statue of St. Paul we can see on one side St. Augurius, St. Eulogius and in the middle san "fructuosus".