Our contact told us that the thief managed to get out of Italy by plane, after pulling off a grand theft, but we don’t know how he got through the various airport checkpoints unnoticed. He told us that if we asked somewhere near this house they would answer us, although he could not promise us that we would get much closer to a concrete answer.

He sent us a WhatsApp with a picture of a strange white and green design along with an arrow pointing upwards, something that gave us one more little ray of hope to go on.

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*The key must be written in Spanish, all lowercase and without accent.

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    In the conservatory of the casa Montoliu and much to our regret, they told us that they knew nothing about any thief, but that they received the visit of the symphony orchestra of Rome to give a masterclass a few days ago. One of the musicians at the end was very interested in the history of Tarragona, and they recommended him to visit the cloister of the cathedral to learn a little more about the city.
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Hint 1
We are looking for a building
Hint 2
Look closely at the design and the up arrow, look for that design somewhere nearby.
Hint 3
We can see the design under the balconies of a nearby building.
This design can be seen in the balconies of the "casa montoliu".