When we explained the situation to him, he agreed to meet during the day, although he preferred to be cautious about it. He told us to meet in a square, but we do not know the exact place where he will wait for us, and he has only sent us a text message that reads as follows:

I will wait for you in a place that carries his name, for this investigation you will need to be accompanied by them, although they are not seen, they protect us both Jews and Catholics.

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*The key must be written in spanish, in lower case and without accent.

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    After recognizing the meeting point in the Plaza de Los Angeles, we managed to meet with our contact; without giving the matter any more thought, he told us a little more about his story. He told us that the thief comes from Italy, where he has carried out small thefts in different museums. Interestingly, he only focuses on objects related to the ancient Romans. He recommended us to go to the Castellarnau house, where we can find more information about him.
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Hint 1
Explore the area around the Jewish quarter in search of a place that matches the text message.
Hint 2
What can invisible protectors be and are they related to religion?
Hint 3
We are looking for a square with the name of these protectors.
Our contact is waiting for us at the "plaza de los angeles" near the Jewish quarter.