The operation of the game is very simple, on the map there are 9 zones marked and each of them contains a test that you must solve, but they are out of order, so they all have the number 1.

To start the game you have to read the introduction below, which will indicate the first zone to visit. In each zone there is a test that you must solve, at the end of the explanation there is a blank space where you can write the answer. If it is correct, a text will appear indicating the next zone. It is important to write the answer in lower case and without accent, as well as to do the tests in order.

To solve the tests and find the areas you only need the information available in the app and information on the street: monuments, inscriptions, statues… The keys can be numbers or texts, they must be without accents or capital letters.

We hope you enjoy it.

Let’s start:

La Brújula de Fawcett – Investigation Agency

La Brújula de Fawcett –

the most renowned investigation agency in the country today. With more cases solved than any other known in the field, we deal with unknowns that would leave even the best detective speechless.

A few days ago, however, a strange envelope arrived on our doorstep, with no return address on the back and the word Confidential written in red. Inside, the anonymous man recounted his knowledge of the wanderings of one of the most elusive thieves Europe has ever known: Romulus.

The criminal made his first move to steal a bust of the creators of Rome from a museum in the UK, which led to him being given that alias. No one really knows how he managed to evade capture for more than two years in a row, and his whereabouts became the most talked about issue by international police.

Now, the anonymous man on the other side of the paper has told us that he has taken up residence in the beautiful city of Tarragona, although this only opens up many more unknowns than we expected. Without knowing the true identity of the thief, we know that it is only a matter of time before he strikes again; we must take all the necessary precautions and, with the right tools, manage to solve this difficult case that has been presented to us.

The clock is ticking, but let’s hope we can be faster than the hands of the clock.

We want to keep everything low profile to prevent the news from spreading, knowing full well what that would mean for the local museums. To begin our research, we have arranged to meet with one of our contacts near the Tarragona Jewish quarter, someone who has worked with us previously and who we know is a good source.