When Ernesto and his companion left, they said that they had won one of the most famous comforters in Pamplona. The girl told him that she was going to show them a historic place, which has been making the Sanfermines more than 150 years, and that she could not leave Pamplona without trying it. And after an early start, what feels best is something warm.

Where have you been able to go?

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    Talking to the family that runs the Churrería La Mañueta, between churro and churro, they remembered seeing a boy that matched Ernest's description. Especially when I told them that in Illinois he has a reputation for being a glutton, and so much so! said the churrera. He liked our churros so much that he ate a whole donut all by himself. To bring it down, we recommended him to go see the procession passing through the San Francisco square.
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Hint 1
The place is close to the plaza de la navarrería.
Hint 2
The best thing after an early morning is a chocolate with churros.
Hint 3
We will have to look for a churreria in this area, even if it is not open.
In La Mañueta street we can find the historical "churreria la mañueta".