Nicolás had talked to Noelia, a friend who lives on Estafeta Street, to let Ernest watch the running of the bulls from the balcony of her house. She says it is a different experience and feels as close as if you were running in front of the bulls. I tried to get close to his house before the running of the bulls, but the course was already closed and the policemen wouldn’t let me pass.

 I watched the running of the bulls from the fence at the Estafeta curve. At the end of the race, I was able to enter Estafeta Street, still crowded with runners leaving the course, commenting on the sensations of the fast and exciting race.

Nicolas told me that he never remembers Noelia’s door number, she always tells him that to find it, remember that from the balcony he can see the two very particular pets and a perpetual son that his neighbor across the street has.

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    When we visited the apartment, Noelia told us that they had already left, but using the plural... It seems that Ernest did not go to the balcony alone. Who accompanied him? We don't know anyone in the city. He also commented that they would go near Navarrería street.
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Hint 1
Noelia's neighbor is on the second floor of the building across the street.
Hint 2
The two pets are two lions
Hint 3
We are looking for a shield held by two lions and a child, on the side closest to the bullring.
Noelia lives in portal "67", in front of it is the shield with the lions.