Xabi explained that his old friend Nicolas informed him of the following:  I have found a lost guiri in Pamplona, his name is Ernest and he has come with his friend John.

Could you talk to the members of the comparsa to give us a hand in the search for John, since you go around the city every day?

When we finished dinner, Xabi called Nicolás to inform him that he had found me. The problem was that he was no longer with Nicolás and had gone down to see the bulls in the corralillos del gas, they were to meet later, at 22:00, in a place near Santo Domingo.

To find the meeting place he was to look for the following:

“Entzun arren San Fermín

zu zaitugu patroi

zuzendu gure oinarrak

entzierru hontan otoi”.

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    We arrived at the hornacina de San Fermín, where the runners sing to the saint just before each running of the bulls. We saw Ernest again in the distance among the festive crowd. A tumult broke out between shouts and a lot of people running up the slope of Santo Domingo. But what's going on? I wondered. In the background the night was illuminated by a sea of sparks coming out of a metallic bull, it was the fire bull, another tradition of the Pamplona festival. In the midst of the confusion, Ernest disappeared again. When it was over, I talked to Xabi to tell him about our bad luck, and after a while he sent me a message, saying that Ernest would go to see the running of the bulls the next day on a balcony in Estafeta street.
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The translation of the text is: “A San Fermín pedimos, por ser nuestro patrón, nos guíe en el encierro dándonos su bendición”.
hint 2
It is sung just before the running of the bulls
Hint 3
Look for San Fermín at the end of the slope of Santo Domingo.
Before each running of the bulls the runners sing in front of "hornacina de san fermin".