We met under Xabi’s house, in the Plaza del Castillo, for dinner, and he told me what he knew about Ernest’s whereabouts. As he had to leave quickly he didn’t tell me the exact location, but talking about the good atmosphere of the fiesta, he admitted that what he didn’t like about his building was that he couldn’t look out of the window at San Fermin to see the people walking around the square or dancing the zortzikos to the sound of the txistus. And when she rented the room, it is written in the contract that her room has a balcony.

We have arranged to have dinner in one of the bars near his house, which one will it be?

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    At the Gure Etxea bar, we commented that his house was the only one with a balcony, but without a window in the whole square. He explained that he did not see Ernest. He knew of his existence through his friend Nicolás, who lives in Santo Domingo street.
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Hint 1
We should look for a house with a windowless balcony.
Hint 2
The building is close to Estafeta Street.
Hint 3
The building is red
Next to the red building in the castle square is the bar "gure etxea".