We were making time at the “tombola” that dedicates the profits to the support of the elderly in the Misericordia home. Tired of walking around the promenade without finding anything, we bought solidarity tickets, tempting fate. Then I heard music again, this time of bagpipes and drum rolls, from afar I could appreciate how 8 couples – quite tall – and of different nationalities were approaching dancing to the beat, spinning and jumping.

Suddenly, I received a strong blow on my back, and what was my surprise when I turned around looking for the guilty one, finding a man with a hat, a big head and quite ugly, why lie… His face was like vinegary. He had hit me with a piece of foam tied to a stick….

Then he said to me: “You’re not John? Your friend Ernest is looking for you. If you want to know where he is, talk to my partner, he’s easy to recognize, he wears a hat, a moustache and has white hair.

Challenge Key

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Hint 1
The dancing couples are the giants of the comparsa and the big-headed gentlemen, the cabezudos.
Hint 2
Search for information about the comparsa on the San Fermin route.
Hint 3
Click on the link with all the giants and big heads, which is the only one with white hair, moustache and hat.
Kiliki "napoleon" is the only one with white hair and mustache.