After the meal, as tasty as it was abundant, while we were having dinner, I went out into the street for a while with a glass of pacharán, thinking about my friend Ernest and where he would be.

Suddenly, in the distance, musical beats began to play and in a moment – as if by magic – the street was filled with people singing and dancing. In the middle of the crowd I thought I saw my friend. I went into the society to warn David and his group, but when I returned there was no trace of the people or the music… Where had they gone? I tried to explain what I had seen, but people dancing and music in the streets, that’s what we can find in these parties all day long. Then I remembered part of the phrase they chanted over and over again:

Porque llegaron las fiestas, de esta gloriosa ciudad. que son en el mundo entero, una fiesta sin igual.

What would all these people be? Where did they come from? Where have they gone?

The first step to find out is to know the name of this catchy song they sang over and over again.

Challenge Key

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Hint 1
Remember where you can find information on how to solve the tests
Hint 2
Look for the explanation of the Riau Riau on the San Fermin route.
Hint 3
Apart from the astráin waltz, by what other name is the song known?
The real name of the riau riau is "la alegria en san fermin".