Arriving at the hotel I remembered that we were only given one room key, and I decided to keep it myself, to avoid the typical mishaps of traveling with Ernest. So I expected to see my friend waiting for me under the big shell hanging from its facade.

When I arrived, Ernest was not there, nor was the hotel key… I had lost it in the chupinazo, between jumps and pushes. I explained the situation to the receptionist and he told me that, for security reasons, he could not give me another key until I told him the hotel password. Apparently, when we checked in, they explained the consequences of losing the key, but in the excitement of arrival we didn’t pay much attention.

 It sounds to me that they told us the history of the hotel area and named an old rua. Maybe that has something to do with the password.

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    I got the key to enter the room, but I still had no sign of Ernest and he didn't answer my calls either. On the last call I heard the sound of my cell phone coming out of my absent-minded friend's suitcase... He had left his cell phone behind too! I was waiting outside the hotel -for quite a while- until a person walking by, wearing a green handkerchief, invited me to have vermouth in San Nicolás Street..
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Hint 1
First we must find the hotel, and its large shell hanging from the entrance.
Hint 2
The hotel is the pilgrims' hostel Jesus y Maria de la calle compañía
Hint 3
Take a look at the sign of the street where the hostel is located, maybe we can find information about the old street.
At the beginning of the street there is a sign Antigua rua de la "Englantina".