It turns out that the peña El Bronce had welcomed Ernest from the beginning, found him disoriented after the chupinazo, and invited him to join them during the day’s events. That’s why he was at the Riau Riau, and was able to talk to Nicolás, who also belonged to the peña. 

Aingeru told us that Ernest had quickly adapted to the festive atmosphere thanks to the help of Aiztiber, the mysterious companion. Together with her he was the first to try to sing the charangas’ songs (although he didn’t know any of them) and even when they went out to the square, they were among those who carried the banner, moving it back and forth to the rhythm of the music. It seems that he was so involved in the San Ferminero atmosphere that he even forgot about me.

When we arrived at the bullring, we couldn’t go in with him because the tickets were sold out, but he promised to talk to Aitziber and send me a message with the place where we would meet again.

After a while we received the message from Aingeru: We have to leave through the main entrance, we are waiting for you at the place where time stopped, when 18 horns and 56 legs became one.

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    We found him! When we arrived at the monument, there was Ernest, this time nobody was going to make me lose sight of him. Afterwards we met up with all the friends we had made during these 2 days. After recalling the stories and anecdotes of our adventures, we came to the conclusion that what makes this festival special is not only its history or its acts, but the joy of its people that fills the streets and makes the San Fermines one of the most incredible festivals in the world. As we started this game we say goodbye: Viva San Fermin! Gora San Fermin!
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Hint 1
Look for the main entrance to the bullring
Hint 2
You should look for something with horns and legs
Hint 3
If time has stopped, it means that we are looking for a statue or a monument.
In front of the entrance to the bullring, on Carlos III is the "monumento al encierro" representing the runners and bulls of this famous race.

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