Thinking carefully about how Ernest’s companion was dressed, I remembered that she was wearing a blue and white checkered blouse, along with a red handkerchief. David’s explanation about her green handkerchief came to my mind, it turns out that it was because she belongs to the Peña Oberena. Besides Oberena, there are different peñas, each one with its own characteristic dress and several of them have their headquarters in this street.

Perhaps in the peña we will find more information about Ernest and his companion.

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    We entered the peña Los de Bronce, but it was empty, apparently the whole peña was already at the bullfights. Luckily, we were able to talk to Aingeru, who had returned to pick up his snack for the bullring: a sandwich of lean meat with tomato. The moment we mentioned Ernest, his face changed and he invited us to accompany him to the bullring.
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Hint 1
The peña is on this street
Hint 2
Look for information in the link about the peñas
Hint 3
The girl was wearing a blue and white plaid blouse and red handkerchief.
In the peña "los de bronce" they wear the blue and white checkered blouse and red handkerchief.