The kind churrera family of La Mañueta, recommended them to see the procession of San Fermin, according to them a very exciting event whether you are religious or not. We arrived just at the moment of the departure of the saint, it was then when the silence was broken by applause. There were so many people that we could not see Ernest.

 We asked Javier, the parish priest of San Lorenzo, if he had seen anyone fitting Ernest’s description. And interestingly, he had spoken to him minutes before, interested in the procession. Javier was so intrigued that he decided to call a friend of his so that Ernest could see one of the most moving moments of the procession from a balcony, the jota to the glorious San Fermín, near this square.

As he was in a hurry, and could not stop to give us many explanations, he showed us a photo with which we would find the portal where Ernest is going to see the jota.

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    There were a lot of people in the streets, which prevented us from getting to the Plaza del Concejo in time, as the procession had just passed. We sat down to have a coffee in the Plaza San Francisco, to plan the search, when the door of the building opened and Ernest came out with his companion. She was not dressed in red and white like the others, she was wearing a different color blouse. She looked like she belonged to a peña, David told us that several of these peñas were based in Jarauta Street.
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Hint 1
Find the exact place where the jota "al glorioso San Fermín" is sung.
Hint 2
In the plaza del concejo there is a door with that knob.
Hint 3
It is right in front of the fountain
The knob in the photo belongs to the doorway "53" of the plaza del concejo