When we arrived at the town hall square, Ernest and I couldn’t believe it, how could so many people fit in such a small place?  Walking through the crowd we managed to get to the center of the square, all we could see around us was red and white. When it was almost time for the chupinazo, all the people in the square began to raise their red handkerchiefs, waving them in the air, shouting San Fermin! San Fermin!

 The hair stood on end.

At 12:00, the mayor and the municipal retinue went out to the balcony of the town hall, lighting the first rocket and after exclaiming with a cracked voice, for the emotion: Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermin, Gora San Fermin.

The chupinazo ripped the air of Pamplona and with the explosion the square went crazy, jumping, shouting and singing. Such was the euphoria that when I turned to look for Ernest… he was gone! He was lost among the human tides of the square.

We had agreed on a meeting point in case this happened. When we arrived yesterday evening, we strolled around the town hall and arranged to meet at a nearby place, I remember there were 6 shells and chains marking the way. Where could this meeting point be?

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    I was waiting in the Plaza de Santiago for more than half an hour and Ernest did not show up. As absent-minded as he is, he probably forgot the meeting point and went back to the hotel. I tried to contact him, but he was not answering the phone, so I went to the hotel near the cathedral..
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Hint 1
It does not have to be on the main façade of the town hall.
Hint 2
Look on the ground to find the shells
Hint 3
Have you tried going to the back of City Hall?
DBehind the town hall is the "plaza de santiago" and in honor of the Camino there is a plaque on the ground, with 6 shells surrounded by chains.