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Escape Routes

Escape Routes

solve mysteries on the streets of the city

meet our agency

we are dedicated to solving mysteries

We are one of the most important detective agencies in Spain, every day we receive cases from anywhere in the country. When we accept a case, we send our best group of detectives to the city to solve it.

Want to Play?

some of our cases

How do the escape routes work?

map with different zones

In each one you have to solve a challenge, but we don't know the order, we will find out during the game.

The solution is in front of your eyes

To solve the challenges, it is necessary to explore the monuments and statues of the city.

mockup my phone tour (1)

Hints in case you get stuck

In each test there are 3 levels of clues to help you solve it.

Advance to the next area

Once you have completed the challenge, you will be directed to the next area to visit.

A different way of visiting the city

Our escape routes are a good plan to spend a fun afternoon with friends or family. For a few hours, whether you are visiting or not, you will see the city with different eyes, discovering details that you have never stopped to look at before.

Unlike other escape rooms, here there is no clock, no time limit to complete the game. We recommend you to enjoy the game without rushing, stopping along the way to have a drink, while you review the tests you have already done.

There is only you, your cell phone and a city to discover…