After discovering their names and doing a little digging, events moved quickly. That old photograph had solved the mystery of their whereabouts. We already knew where they lived and we soon set out, almost at dawn, to catch the thieves in the act when they left.

The wait of a couple of hours was a long one, but at dawn, almost dawn, two figures dressed in black opened the door and took a couple of steps. Bock was carrying a large suitcase, who knows if it was full of money in one hand and in the other he held a red envelope. Without hesitation I rushed at them, but realizing my reaction the two of them turned around and immediately went back into their house and closed the door against which I slammed my face.

Trying to look for the non-existent lock of the door I noticed that it opened with a password and above all, something much more important, that before the shock of seeing me in front of the entrance of his house, Bock had dropped the red envelope intended for me…

I smiled, opened it very slowly, and began to read it:

It has been a pleasure to PLAY with you, we are sorry you were not good enough to catch us, maybe when you read this, we are already far, far away from here, but we have had fun so we have left you a little present in our house… The key to enter is in the origin, remember our adventure, since we still have an Ace up our sleeve….

His words had betrayed them. I had, according to him, all the clues at my disposal spread throughout the case to solve this last riddle, the final password to the door that would lead me to Bock and his wife.

Finally all the cards were on the table and the game, contrary to what the thieves thought, had only just begun.

Challenge Key


*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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Hint 1
Review the cards that have appeared in the game
Hint 2
It may be that the ace up their sleeve is the only one that has not appeared in the entire game.
Hint 3
In the introduction you can see photos of the ace that has not come out, the key is related to the origin of this card.
On the Ace of golds, the word Vitoria is written, the city of origin of the deck of cards.

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