The King of Cups was waiting for us, glued to the red envelope, when we opened it, a few lines drawn with great care and attention were addressed to us:

No one can stop us now. Although you have prevented our last robbery, one day from now we will strike the final blow and you will not be able to remedy it, a masterstroke that the city will never forget.

The thieves discovered our intentions, and changed the place of the meeting, but this would not prevent us from getting the drop on them one way or another. We were already close, so close that they could feel our breath on their backs.

And when we returned once again to that house in search of a clue that would show us the way, we found an old photograph, a little dusty but still clear, where we could see the atypical facade of one of the most famous palaces of Vitoria. In front of it, two young lovers were pointing at it. When turning around the old image, a message appeared written, it read as follows: A love carved in stone ….

Maybe if we visit the place we will find the real names of the thieves.

Challenge Keu

______ and  ________

*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    Investigation continues at the Fourier Museum
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Examine the inscriptions on the façade
Hint 2
Are there any related to a name?
Hint 3
Look at the route of vitoria, one of the explanations of the FCV inscription
One of the explanations for the FCV inscription on the façade is that it refers to the names "fernan and victoria".