Inside the safe, in addition to finding the substantial loot from their latest robberies, we found certain documents and plans that the thieves had kept in safekeeping. After examining them carefully we discovered that they were related to the next robbery they would carry out… their objective would be none other than to rob the bank of Vitoria.

Among the documents we found much more information, including several newspaper clippings about the Fiestas de la Virgen Blanca as well as a curious character, Zeledón. It seems that the way of sneaking into the bank has something to do with him.

Here is a video we found in his files:


Being a big hit, we know that they are recruiting thugs to help them with this task. Our idea is to infiltrate the gang, posing as their helpers and thus stop them.

Thanks to a snitch we know they are meeting in this church, but to get in we need to know the password they use. He suggested that to find it we should look at Vitoria with Zeledón’s eyes.

Challenge Key

_______ _______

*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    The investigation continues at Escoriaza Palace
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Hint 1
To solve the test you need a good placement
Hint 2
Take a look at the video, what route does Zeledón take? Where does he come from?
Hint 3
Stop and look at the square from the statue from the church, and more specifically, the Vitoria Gasteiz sign from this perspective.
When Zeledón comes out of the church, he can see the Vitoria Gasteiz sign of the square but from the opposite side, so he reads "airotiv zietsag".