St. Vincent’s church has been the site of his latest robbery, but the police and the inspectors handling the case are totally baffled. Not a lock has been picked, no one has helped him to open the doors, everything has been planned in a subtle and fast way. Yesterday morning, in the place where there should have been, as usual, a small wooden image of St. Vincent on horseback, appeared, of course, the horse of Espadas.

And today, also as usual, the red envelope was waiting in the mailbox. When I opened it there was only one name written: Juan de Salinas, but what did it mean?

An informer, after first loosening a good reward, has revealed to us that Bock came up with a way to carry out the coup by taking a walk in this area…. He also told him that he would get past the guards in the simplest and most unsubtle way they could have imagined, by sneaking into the church like suso at home..

We have to find out how he did it.

Challenge Key

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*The key must be written in english, in lower case and without accent.

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    Investigation continues at the Hurtado Anda tower
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Hint 1
Nearby buildings may contain information relevant to solving the test.
Hint 2
Who is Juan de Salinas? find out something about his history
Hint 3
The thief is like Suso in his house, maybe the solution lies in a house with this name.
In a nearby house called Villa Suso, we can see a tower with a " ladder" protruding from it. The ladder is also related to the history of Juan de Salinas.