A new blow of the thief took place yesterday afternoon, in this case in the Museum of Archaeology. We have been able to know that where previously there was a very valuable prehistoric piece, the Ace of Wands has appeared, and on its back a phrase… Open your eyes wide and sharpen your hearing

We are closer to the thief, we already know his alias and that of his lover. A confidant gave us a great clue to follow in his footsteps and finally catch him. We have learned that Bock is a person of habit, he always commits the robbery at the same time and always takes the same route.

We also know that he always dresses in impeccable black, perhaps to go unnoticed and fifteen minutes before committing the robbery he stops in the square to listen to the 72 bells.

As a last clue we have managed to recover his watch, it may be useful for us to make inquiries.

Dónde se fabrican los relojes Casio?

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    Investigation continues at St. Vincent's Church
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Hint 1
How many bells can be seen from the square? Each bell rings once per hour
Hint 2
The thief wears black to go unnoticed, perhaps because he commits his robberies at night.
Hint 3
The thief uses a digital clock, try converting the time to this format.
From the square you can see two towers with 4 bells each, so if you hear 72 bells, it is 9 o'clock. The thief takes 15 minutes more to get to the place of the robbery and as it is at night and in digital format, the solution is: 21:15 (2115).