This case is getting stranger by the minute. A letter, sent in its typical red envelope, arrived at the office late yesterday. Inside it contained the Ace of Hearts and this little note:

I owe it all to you, you are my pillar, my support, thank you for the love and sacrifice of these years, soon we will have our reward, accompanied by 7 roses that you like so much, my beloved maria….

Short and simple. It seems that the thief is not acting alone and that someone is undoubtedly helping him in this game of robbery? Could it be his lover, and if so, what is his name? In the note sent to the agency there is a piece missing… by the way, could it be the rest of the name?

This H. Bock seemed to be challenging us to find out something and new investigations had revealed that his next coup would be related to the cathedral. But what did that little note have to do with the building? Perhaps there was some information there about the full alias of his mistress that no one had noticed until now?

We had to find out.


Challenge Key

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    Research continues at Plaza de España
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Hint 1
It seems that roses are a great clue
Hint 2
To find the full name you will need to search for 7 roses.
Hint 3
One of the statues on the façade has sculpted roses underneath and holds a book called "Amor y sacrificio".
On the main façade, there is a statue of "maria josefa" with the 7 roses underneath and holding the book: Amor y sacrificio.