A new heist has taken place, in full view of everyone and again without anyone stopping it. The robbery has taken place in the Armory Museum and the loot has been one of the most important pieces of the War of Independence. Of course, in its place the Thief of the Deck has left the King of Swords and also as usual, a small red envelope had been slipped under our door, when we opened it, the note inside said yes:

General Alava’s saber is already in my possession and before long you will not be able to prevent the entire collection from being mine, sincerely yours: the Thief of the Deck.

Our dear white-gloved friend is a lover of military history, it seems. Last night I finally got to talk to our snitch who turned out to be a petty thief. It all happened in the wee hours of the morning while an icy wind whipped my bones. I was lucky enough to exchange some information with him until the blue police sirens suddenly made him just another shadow of the night.

He told me that to deal with crooks and lowlifes the thief used an alias, and that it was related to his great hobby. Before disappearing, he uttered a strange word that I may have misunderstood: Hilfe.

My inquiries have led me to this point in Vitoria, as perhaps what we are looking for can be found nearby. If we could discover it, perhaps we could shed some light on the case.

Challenge Key

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    The investigation continues at the cathedral
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Translation help:

Auxilio – Help

Hint 1
The key is related to military history
Hint 2
The German-Spanish dictionary may be useful.
Hint 3
On the central monument of the square, there is an inscription related to Germany and Help
In one of the corners of the monument, we can appreciate a plaque that says German Legion Auxiliary and underneath a name: "halkett bock"