The card with the Ace of Cups appeared this morning inside an envelope sent to our office, the little note that accompanied it read as follows:

Not even the whole province with all its cops after me would be able to hunt me down if I didn’t let them catch me, but they are…. so… slow, that I have decided to make the game more interesting. Your fame speaks for you, but I laugh at it, The Deck Thief.

It is obvious how proud our thief is and how clever he thinks he is in belittling us, but he does not realize that we have just entered the game, and that we have an ace up our sleeve. Our contacts in the police have provided us with all the available material on the case to start the investigation, including the phone number of a certain informer we called to start the investigation.

He turned out to be mysterious and elusive and although he agreed to give us some information about the thief, he was not going to make it easy for us. We only knew that we had to meet him somewhere in this square, but we didn’t know the exact location. His last message, somewhat mysterious, by the way, went like this:

The search for the thief is like a battle, you must be brave and get good support, that is the key to come out of the shadows and bring down the tower.

It’s time to see what we can discover.

Challenge Key

______ _______ __ _____

*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

  • ¡Respuesta incorrecta! ¡Respuesta correcta! The investigation continues at the Virgen Blanca square
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Hint 1
The informant talks about keys and a tower.
Hint 2
On the façade there are different coats of arms, maybe one of them contains the keys and the tower.
Hint 3
The key may be related to someone who participated in a famous war.
To the right of the façade, under a shield with two keys and a tower, is the statue of "miguel ricardo de alava", who received the support of General Wellington during the battle of Vitoria.