Even thieves have feelings, even murderers fall in love. She was his wife and Laura was her name: a six-footer, impenetrable blonde hair and red lips the color of fire, not to mention the bluest eyes I had ever seen in my life and an intelligence as subtle as it was incomparable. The snitch got her phone number and after a few drinks with little ice in one of the many taverns that abound around here I went to my appointment with her to try to get information out of her.

We had arranged to meet at the Kiosk, but when I got there my legs gave out, she had managed to drug me! When I woke up I only remember her long shadow and the scent of her perfume… and how she turned one last time to tell me: there’s an envelope next to you, sweetheart, see you forever.

I sat up, opened the letter and could read: Luis used to meet with his accomplices in a place in this square, I do not remember the name, but I do remember that next to him was the only round column to all those surrounding the place.

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    We will continue our research in the church of San Saturnino.
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Hint 1
Look for the column that is round
Hint 2
It is located on the opposite side to the statue of Charles III.
Hint 3
The thief was very fond of "coffee".
The only round column is in front of the café iruña.