Somewhat out of his mind, they say that the restorer is a strange guy, very strange. He does not see anyone, speaks little, they say he has an enigmatic wife, that he longs for mysterious relics that he does not have and that he is deeply superstitious. Always, by a strange mania our thief frequented every Tuesday morning the cathedral and by the informer we know that one of the clues has to do with her.

Looking for more information I went there one night, and while checking that I was not being followed, I ran into Lila, whom I affectionately call “La Timadora”… A companion of murky youth, of quarrels, of taverns and today owner of a ramshackle boarding house, she has been lucky enough to see our thief some early morning and what is more important, TO HEAR HIM, because to my astonishment and perplexity Lila told me that every night he performed the same ritual: she climbed one by one all the steps of the access to the cathedral and went around each of the columns of its facade, when she finished she kept repeating a number….

Is this a clue or is he really crazy? 

*Only stairs that are accessible

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    We will continue our investigation in Estafeta Street.
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Hint 1
Try performing the same ritual as the thief.
Hint 2
Read the proof carefully, it says "the accesses".
Hint 3
There is a door on the left side of the cathedral.
There are 4 steps to go to the main façade, 8 columns and another 7 steps at the side entrance=19