The thief believes that all are like him and in this case it is true. And I am not referring to my four companions in the game, who that night between hands and with some AS or another up their sleeves were trying to fleece me at Poker. With a very high full house I had to get up and leave the game half way through to answer the phone. It was our contact with news about the next clue:

His father, also an eminent antique dealer, perpetrated one of the most important masterstrokes in Pamplona in the 1920’s. Posing as an employee of the most luxurious building of the time, he robbed the safe and took a huge haul of works of art.

During the interrogation, the restorer, with a sly smile, told them that the next clue bore the name of that building. When our informer went to get his hands on the police file to discover the place, it had disappeared just like my good fortune in that night of Poker…

I hope you guys have better luck. If we find the name of the building, we’ll discover the next clue we need.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    We will continue our research in the Taconera
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Hint 1
Remember where you can find information on how to solve the tests
Hint 2
An old photo can be useful
Hint 3
Perhaps in the monumental route of Pamplona there is information to solve the test.
In the old photos of the point of the route we can see that the name of the hotel was "grand hotel".