A couple of boxes of good imported cigars (every police chief has his little vices) opened the doors to this case. The snitch came by our office around ten o’clock to pick them up and well into the early hours of the morning, just as I was about to grab my trench coat and hat, the phone rang. It was our contact at the police station and according to what he told me, the first clue to go in search of the chains was to find out the thief’s nickname, assuring me that we would find him somewhere in this Paseo. Our enigmatic prisoner has not wanted to collaborate, he has been mute as a statue during the whole interrogation so we have to investigate on our own.

Well, we know that in his family, Garcia-Ramirez, somewhat related to royalty and the great men of Pamplona, there is a long tradition of antique dealers, historians and art dealers, perhaps his alias has to do with something related to this. Bundle up guys, and record the walk to see what we can find.

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    We will continue our research in the church of San Lorenzo.
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Hint 1
The prisoner has been as mute as "a statue"."
Hint 2
Pay attention to the family name
Hint 3
Is there a statue at the end of the promenade?
On the statue of García Ramirez is written "el restaurador".