In addition to being a thief, the Restorer is extremely ruthless, as more than one of the detectives who were after him has died in strange, unsolved circumstances. One of these murders was shortly before the master stroke. The poor guy died near where we are, a foggy winter night that made cigar smoke and even the devil himself freeze… What was the bait to hunt him down? Tempting him with information about the museum guards, what was his mistake? Not telling the password they used to cover their backs?

Our snitch has discovered that the password had to do with a small watchful observer somewhere on this street. This could give us some more information about the fate of the chains.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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Hint 1
It is in the section of the street closest to the bullring.
Hint 2
Search for a cross street
Hint 3
Raise your eyes
At the intersection with Espoz y Mina street there is a statue of "san fermin".