There are several witnesses who saw him walking around here before the coup, but the secret names of all of them are safely tucked away in the files kept by the police… Until now. A bottle of the best Scotch Whisky has been the key to loosen the tongue of one of them, well, that and some gift that makes anyone flinch. We have found out that the clue are the figures of a year, carved somewhere in the heel… oh, and something else, the restaurateur, in an oversight also spoke of a… entry?

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    We will continue our investigation at the Cathedral
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Hint 1
What can be an entry?
Hint 2
Is that an entry on the side of the Taconera?
Hint 3
Read the inscription on the entry carefully
The solution is the year 1929 in which the door was rebuilt.