The operation of the game is very simple, on the map there are 8 zones marked and each of them contains a test that you must solve, but they are out of order, so they all have the number 1.

To start the game you have to read the introduction below, which will indicate the first zone to visit. In each zone there is a test that you must solve, at the end of the explanation there is a blank space where you can write the answer. If it is correct, a text will appear indicating the next zone. It is important to write the answer in lower case and without accent, as well as to do the tests in order.

To solve the tests and find the areas you only need the information available in the app and information on the street: monuments, inscriptions, statues… The keys can be numbers or texts, they must be without accents or capital letters.

We hope you enjoy it.

Let’s start:

La Brújula de Fawcett – Investigation agency

The chains of the Coat of Arms of Navarre have disappeared! The relics of Sancho El Fuerte and the battle of Navas de Tolosa.

A paid Police snitch called me late last night and gave me all the information about it. They have the thief arrested in that dirty dungeon of the police station but he refuses to tell them anything, he has only given them a series of clues that our informant has not hesitated to pass on to us. I always tell you about the strength of a couple of bills in the pocket of some informer… Now you understand, don’t you?

It seems that he wants to laugh at all of Pamplona with this game, and he thinks it will be impossible to decipher it… but that’s what he thinks.  This wretch has never been confronted with hounds like us?

Hurry up with your drink and before the press pry too much into this matter, we will start our investigation in Paseo Sarasate, the reputation of the investigation agency “La Brújula de Fawcett” is at stake boys.