Nico is a journalist who infiltrated for 4 years the Neapolitan Camorra, a mafia in the Campania region (Naples) that focuses on public procurement and money laundering, and the Camorra clans also infiltrate politics in their respective areas. He could tell us more about the Camorra and what it has to do with the Charles III documents.

Because of his past, Nico is an extremely careful man, he did not want to give us his address because it is secret, but he has decided to meet us and have a coffee in a quiet place. But first we have to meet him, somewhere on this street, he told us:

The arrows of Diana mark the place where I will be waiting for you.

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    When we arrived at Primark, Nico was waiting for us, wearing a cap, sunglasses and a dark coat. We accompanied him to a cafe near Gonzalo Jimenez street, he told us the story of La Camorra, which has been around since 1300, at first they also controlled the politics of the region, but after the reign of Charles III, and his ordinances, this power diminished and with it their profits. It may be that now they want to recover all that money through the things that belonged to Carlos III. He has also told us that in Madrid there is also a division of the Camorra, and it is located in the Plaza de España.
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Hint 1
Before looking for the arrows, you will have to find Diana.
Hint 2
Look for information on the historical route about the sculpture of Diana on Gran Via.
Hint 3
The arrows are on the sidewalk in front of the sculpture, on the part of Gran Vía closest to Plaza de España.
In front of "primark" we can see on the ground the marks of 2 arrows shot by the goddess Diana.